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Loss Of Vision In One Eye – Followup

Since I wrote my previous post last month detailing the story about how I lost (and then regained) the vision in one eye I’ve received a number of hits to this blog from Google from individuals searching for terms related to loss of sight in one eye, obscured/blocked vision, only being able to see out of part of your eye, gray cloudiness in the eye, and many specific variations thereupon.

Because of the number of hits, and my own personal experience in which I scoured the internet for information about what was happening to me looking for reassurance or hope, I feel it’s my responsibility to follow up on my original post with the following advice.

Please, please go to a doctor immediately if your vision is blocked or obscured in any way, even if you just noticed and aren’t sure if it’s serious or not. Anything that’s blocking vision in part of your eye can be serious, and it needs to be checked out right away. Even if it’s just in one eye, and even if you haven’t completely lost sight in that eye yet. Go to an ER as soon as possible. Don’t wait. The sooner it is caught and correctly diagnosed the better the chances are that something can be done about it.

I was lucky in that my symptoms turned out to be optic neuritis, and that after it was treated I was able to fully recover my vision. This is not always the case.

I should also note that when I did my research I discovered that there are several other conditions that can cause you to lose sight in one eye, and many of these are not treatable or reversible unless they are caught right away. Some cannot be repaired at all.

If you are having problems seeing out one eye, there’s no way to tell which one of these could be the cause of the matter without going to the doctor, and depending on which one you have, time is often essential.

The longer you wait the greater the chances of permanent damage to your sight are. If you end up having one of these other causes for your vision loss and you do not seek help/treatment right away it might not be reversible.

So please, I urge you, if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • sudden pain with eye movement
  • sharp pain when you look in a certain direction (in one or both eyes)
  • gray cloudiness partially (or completely) blocking your vision
  • unusual blurred vision in one eye
  • part of your field of vision is missing (either the top, bottom, or side)
  • can’t see out one eye at all

and you’ve come to this site looking for information on what that might be, trying to determine whether it’s serious or not, or if you should be worried, please do take it seriously and go the doctor right away. Go now. Stop reading and just go, it’s important.

If you’re experiencing symptoms and haven’t stopped reading yet to go get help, let me offer one last plea. I do understand how important hope is. I was there myself, and desperate to find anything to put my mind at ease so I thought there might be a chance that it wasn’t permanent, and that everything could be fixed and would be okay. And there is hope, there is a chance, but it depends entirely on finding out what the specific cause of your vision loss is, and treating it right away if there is something that can be done about it.

The sooner you get help after you notice there’s a problem, the better. So please, don’t read my story hoping it’s not a big deal and you don’t have to do anything about it, go and get it checked out.


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