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Is It Any Wonder?

With tonight’s Mega Millions Lotto jackpot at a record breaking all-time high of $640 million dollars, everyone apparently has lotto fever right now. It seems like over half the posts on Twitter and Facebook over the past couple days have been people wistfully envisioning what they would do with their winnings, and hoping for a lucky win. But who can blame them?

Given the current state of the nation’s economy and poor job market, the lotto offers the dream of instant riches to a large percentage of the population who would otherwise never have a chance of seeing even a tiny fraction of that kind of income in their lifetime. Of course, this has always been what the lottery has potentially offered many would say, but when times are tougher than usual – and have been for quite a while now – is it any wonder that now more than ever a desperate, hopeful mass of people are pumping money into tickets on the slim chance to join the ranks of the mega rich?

In the recent climate of so many protests proclaiming “We are the 99%” it is somewhat ironic that so many are so eager to become part of the 1% they were/are so resentful of to begin with.

It’s the ultimate carrot-on-a-stick. Offer a huge meal to a starving man, and he’ll hardly pass it up. Offer the opportunity for an instant fortune to a struggling population and a weak economy, and of course you’ll start a frenzy. Given the immense size of tonight’s lottery jackpot, even those that never play the lottery are snatching up tickets.

After tonight though, when the smoke clears and the numbers are drawn and everyone (save a handful of lucky winners) has to go back to their regular day to day routine, sans millions, just remember it’s easy to get caught up in the dream of wealth and financial security, but in the end our lives are improved by our own hard work and determination, and our potential for success and happiness is in our own hands, not by the fate of the lotto gods and a few balls dropping from a machine.

How do you feel? Have you gotten caught up in the Mega Millions Lotto fever and bought tickets? Or are you looking to actively improve your financial situation in other, more constructive ways?

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